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At the time of posting this image of my old bathroom as seen on House of Hackney's Insta. It had well over a 1000 likes.... Fantastic frond wallpaper (Palmeral) and accessories I added from HOH.. Reminiscent of cool LA in the 60's and later..

The bathroom isn't luxury interior design and indeed their (HOH) post wasn't about that. It was about transforming clinical, bland and the otherwise unimaginative, that bathrooms can be. As was this one when I bought it and the rest of the flat.....

It's essence is about being inventive and thinking how you can transform that which you may not be able to just re-do.. To enhance and celebrate the overall design...

It no longer exists today, as I re-designed and re decorated.. The fronds @HOH will make a return at some point in some form or another though..

If you're a new home owner and a part of your home is less than sumptuous or how you would like it..... Look to adding layers of excitement in interesting ways that create impact and character.. This image as shot for the Times several years ago now, is a reminder about the impact, of sometimes smaller additions- creating a splash! AJ

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