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Amber Jeavons Ltd


Amber Jeavons has distinguished herself among the interiors world with her refined eye and unique take on interiors.   Curating dramatic and extremely refined interiors- If not a flair for the theatrical and an embodiment of luxury. The home or space as a work of art, as much as it is a space to call home.  A symbiosis of practical meets aesthetic.. The ethos surrounding the business is one of both a keen attention to the work taken on, coupled with the same attention to how the business works. 

"Being highly selective in the work I do allows for the creative language to emerge and develop to a point of concentration. Integrity & communication are the very foundation for a successful business- regardless of size. It is less about the sum of years, as it is an approach to the work. It is the very pinnacle of excellence that underpins the
basis of the creative language, whatever the medium.  I certainly would not expect less.
How you do - is as  important as what you do." 

Having transitioned from a dance career both classical ballet and contemporary .Amber went on to set up her own business in late 2014. Working with specifically hand selected and respected trades and people across the interiors world and a range of clients across London and the UK.  With property including those of grade 1 &11 calibre. Her focus now, more specifically on property development and larger scale projects.. The aim to transition to property development and continue interiors to match the vision. toward the exceptional and the unique.  Looking for investors or clients who want something significantly unique. to immerse their property in a fusion of Interior design and art. "I fully appreciate what I bring to the table, and the ability to do so with carte blanche.  For it is then that the creative outlet fully develops and grows with an aim toward brilliance!"  


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