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The world was once a different place. Continents shifted like mini worlds drifting off to new planes... Plates shifted under, crushing and destroying, searing heat and movement. Above spewing explosions and the born of creation.. Landscapes formed, oceans filled and thus, the earth spins and is ever evolving.

When man first set out to cross these forming landscapes and vast seas, surging outwards to learn anew. He has "walked" with each experience into new territory.

Interior design is not just a practical look at furnishings to meet a set of requirements- It is a voyage of discovery - Designers are conduits (in most cases) vessel's for which their clients make use, to unlock new ways to see their home or space.

I do not approach design with merely a practical eye and viewpoint or what I see and convey as the most beautiful. Rather, one that hopes to capture the imaginations of those I work with.

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