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So having won a recent promotional competition on behalf of another company. They included with their prize an editorial. Entitled Stripped Back beauty.. It resonated with me strongly as I envisage my work in just such a way.. The idea of taking elements and fusing them into one, so the sum of each part can breathe. The idea that perhaps slightly less is in fact more. But also that you're revealing the bones of the space worked on as much as filling them with furnishings..

Having two elements speak of a history told in addition to that of one unfolding.. My "Curated Spaces" attempt to speak not only of the architecture of the space but also that of perhaps the current occupant - the idea that new can influence what has perhaps been before and visa versa, in a way that celebrates the essence of a space or home with equal visual power. Creating spectacular interiors that breathe.

Luxury Living isn’t about overt opulence and huge displays of wealth, the ostentatious desire to show off, the latest, the most, or what might be considered at the highest end market for that end alone. Taste and quality underpin what is highly desirable regardless of cost.. So its more the idea of creating a space that fuses beauty within itself and without..

The space is pared back revealing the glory of these two pieces of past and future… Of structure, of furnishing... Even with modern spaces and homes, they speak of the future and are thus intertwined with the present which in turn becomes past… and aged. Interiors are rarely about the now, the present, but should continue to evolve and as they do reveal their history which suggests intrigue, visual splendour, and invitation. It creates depth, imagination and leads us to discovery.

I don’t believe in constant renewal but rather the evolved interior, the curated space that has been instilled with a sense of history both old and new. In today’s world we need to strive for preservation and the success and continuity of what has been before and what will become.. In my mind I see a journey between things- an ever changing movement even in stillness.. Re-use, Restore, Reveal……............ AJ

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