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HOH 796D

Haha! The above was the number plate of my mothers sports car when I was little... Splendour! (Austin Healey Sprite in signal red with a semi racing engine and a soft top.

HOH in this case is "House of Hackney" and the splendour they sent for Vinny Lee and James Balston photo shoot at my flat. It is the second time Vinny and James have done a shoot of my abode.... I'm one lucky 7! What can I say other than Vroom!!!

See image of the bathroom, which has not been transformed thus far, but an injection of HOH Palmeral wallpaper which is magnificent makes this room instantly more desirable.

I love this and for a bathroom it is wonderful.. Think real palms, banana plants, beautiful free standing silver bath, large old mirrors, stylish fittings... Top this off with HOH range of wash bags in various sizes.... "TOOT YOUR HORN" with pride!

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