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Flicking through the booklet I sprang across this light fixture.. As I was thinking it might be rather nice, I happened upon it on my way down to St John St from Farringdon station. In a configuration of 5 it's lovely. There is also a linear version and a single drop. They work so beautifully with the grey wall or grey with hints of brown and gold mirrors or pieces..... What is so nice about this is the simple form it takes as opposed to a similar design. Indeed I think it was the best thing in the shop! I am not an easy one to please but I could find many a use for this both in my home and others! I feel this would be really good with more clusters of the 5. Displayed at various heights it could turn from a pendant drop to a full blown chandelier... I have a favourite lighting designer but I would add this to my collection of pieces to use for sure.

See above Celestial Pebble by Ochre

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