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I love the fantastic texture and visual beauty of old architecture- the voice of an old house.  Peter Gabrielse is probably one of the finest visual examples in miniature.  Growing up with Antique dealer parents in an old house and working as a set designer, has resulted in these beautiful "Boxes" that he creates..  They are exquisite in the smallest details.


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This photo has a fantastic decorative feature over the fire surround.  Not a working fireplace but it doesn't matter so much.  It is a fantastic focus for the room and also has a lovely selection of colours. Greys browns and muted colours work brilliantly. This is a great example of how colours work together.

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I do love the Fornasetti plate.  The images are all based on the one face LINA.  The designs, of which there are many along with other fornasetti designs all remind me of Alice in Wonderland - I love Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson and the idea of enchantment and fairytale.  Storytelling and theatre.  (I spent a long time in the theatre) I will get one of these plates at some point! (Or several!)(One of the Tutors at the RCA said I was like the Fornasetti girl.  I thought that was a lovely compliment!)

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